• Lets Build a hitching post.. Scene building...

    Posted by Steven Caro

    The New Years Eve Hitching Post from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

    Matt suggested we build a hitching post and plant it in different places all over Tampa so we would have something new to ride for a while, so, thats exactly what we did. Early in the morning on a rare cold day in Tampa...



  • In stock and ready to fill orders. Still waiting on 13's and the Limited Ed. Leather

    Posted by Steven Caro
    The order is in and all loaded up on the online store,SCgShoeCo.com 
    Size 13's and the leather Sound's and Mid's are getting done over the next two weeks and we look to have those in stock in about three to four weeks. There are a few pre-books for 13's and some of you want the leathers, so I apologize for the delay and we're looking forward to getting them in to get them out to you guys. Also with the rest of the order thats coming in are all the shoes we'll be sending out if you've won some kicks for prizes. Made some more improvements to the shoe so it's taken longer to get everything in then initially anticipated. Thank You all for the support and patience. Sounds and Mids are in stock and ready to ship...
  • Friday Night...

    Posted by Steven Caro

         Its 10:03pm friday night. I've been at and around the desk now for about 15 hours and approx 19 minutes to this point today. I am just finishing up adding shoes to the online store inventory and double checking everything thats on the shelves. Finishing a few photos to continue to get the online store dialed, and also have a stack of shoes from pre-books to get ready to ship out in the AM. Hopefully the mail carrier picks them up since the shipping labels were created a bit after the cut off to have them picked up tomorrow. Its been a long week but a good week. Finished converting the garage into a shoe warehouse, moving the washer and dryer from the end wall to the sidewall next to the door to get another 3 racks in there to be able to get all of the shoes up and organized. Electrical,and plumbing done, and now, ready to wash some clothes.

      I am feeling a bit tired, from all the hours over the last two weeks but I am completely stoked. There has been a ton of work going into getting this larger batch of shoes made and shipped into Tampa and getting them even more dialed they they have been. I have had great help with and from Margarita, Jason, Billy, Zack, James, Mike, Paco, and Dan to name a few, and all of you that have supported what we are doing. 

    Thank You all so much..

    and Thank You Matt for all the good times and skids!!!

    They keep me sane. lol...


    Now order some shoes so I can pack them up and ship them out to you... 

  • Decembers Production Run

    Posted by Steven Caro

    Its 3:00 am, and its time to call it a day after this post. December is shaping up to be looking like a good month. We have some shoes slated to be arriving in the next few weeks and among those is our Mid. Seems like a lot of you guys are digging the Mid-Top design,and I'm happy to be getting it in along with some more Sound's. Stoked to be selling out each run that comes in, and I wanted to say Thank You for the support!!!


    Mid. First run available in black suede with gum, white, or black outsole. Other color combos in the works for the second run as well as synthetic suede and some other cool stuff I am not going to tell you about yet. 



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  • Seems as if running around like crazy is my new normal...

    Posted by Steven Caro





    Some time away from the desk in the Turtle Ditch, Tampa FL. Icepick on the gate, photo by the one and only Matt Coplon. Thanks Matt for the motivation and the endless good times!