SCg-Kickstarter-2017-422 Final Cut2.1MP4 from SCg Shoe Co on Vimeo.


SCg_Shoe_Co_David_Schimmel_R4_leader_cleanMP4 from SCg Shoe Co on Vimeo
David Schimmel roasting down the mountain in his SCg Sound's. 

Zack Gerber - DG Hard Times from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.



Matt suggested we build a hitching post and plant it somewhere we could ride it, then move it around to different spots around Tampa. So, on one of Tampa's coldest days, thats exactly what we did. 


The New Years Eve Hitching Post from TBR BMX on Vimeo.




Billy Woodfin/Zack Gerber - SCgShoes Edit from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.



Split Edit with Billy Woodfin and Zack Gerber.. 


Zack's part in Daily Grinds "Hard Times"



Glenn's edit is amazing! Rest easy my friend, you are missed by so many, more then words could ever express...



This is Billy's submission for The Hunt.  So crazy to think he had his kidney removed during this same time frame as filming this!!!