Update on Pre-Books, Upcoming Stock & New Products

Waiting is the Hardest Part

We know those of you who were kind enough to order shoes through the last prebook have been waiting patiently, and long, but we are finally coming to an end. Everything is wrapping up, and Steve is in Colombia moving everything out the door!

We can't thank everyone enough for the patience through the struggles, but what is coming out of it is an improved shoe for you, and we're now set up stronger for the future.


What's Next?


Along with the prebooks, regular stock has arrived at REI in Tampa for those who are local to our homebase. We couldn't be more excited about this! Sounds in Black, Butterscotch and Turquoise Suede are in stock!

We will also have a handful of stock for the website for everyone outside of Tampa. There will be a mix of models, including the new WingTip.

New preorder windows will open for the models that we are currently working on, prebooking will ensure you get them first, with a special bonus. From order window to complete we're looking at rolling timeframes of 6-8 weeks, that will get shorter and will help us to continue to add stock to the website and retailers.

For our International customers, we will always continue to ship anywhere from our webstore, and we're working to find distribution in a few more areas. Harass your local bike shops & distributors! On that same front Bike Life Supply Co. in New Zealand will have the Sound and the Enduro for your local dealers really soon!

Slide In to The Future

The SlipOn is official!  Click here to check out the SlipOn page.

It's not an April Fools!

The latest Prebooks are Open! Check the Prebook and Limited Edition page or the shoes that are open for backorders!