What gives an SCg shoe it's signature feel ?

TL;DR  using a combination of all the right elements, instead of leaning on one special compound to carry the shoe.


There's no denying that a pair of SCg shoes just feels good.

The minute you put em on, you can feel the years of effort that've gone into making the perfect shoe. They come fully pre-laced, and lace up snug. And your first few steps let you know you're in good hands... instant grip on the ground, plush heel for impacts, supported mid foot, and that sensation up front that can only be described as the perfect pedal feel.

A shoe you can ride in, then tromp all over town for hours in.




It's hard to put your finger on it... you can pick at the rubber or flex the leather, but no one thing seems to stand out. 

That's because what SCg does is different. We use a combination of many elements : amount of rubber, mix of rubber, depth of the sole, contour of the footbed, firmness of the midsole, impact-absorbtion of the insole, suede that breathes but doesn't tear easily, lines that allow movement without getting in the way... every last detail has been thought about. And revised.

These all add up to something special. From the very beginning, SCg has been about creating a shoe that stands up to lots of abuse, and lets riders do more.

SCg Shoe Company, est 1999.