Footwear sizes have always been all over the place and different from brand to brand, and sometimes within the same brand depending on where the shoes were made, specifically to region. To make our sizing more uniform and specific , we base our sizes off of the Brannock measuring device. We have a size chart with lengths for you to refer to to ensure your size. Also note, our shoes are more form fitting compared to a lot of other brands in this segment. Especially at the ball of the foot. In this area, our shoe tapers to be pretty snug so that the shoe will stretch to fit YOUR foot. This prevents the foot from shooting into the front of the shoe when you stomp down when riding. This can take a few times out in them to stretch to where you don't notice the fit. If you have a "wide" foot or want a less snug fit, you may want to add 1/2 size larger. Side note, if you have questions or need some help, please feel free to contact us and we'll get you sorted!

We will detail the steps below to measure your foot:


You will need a measuring device such as:

Flexible tape measure used for sewing / ruler / carpenters tape measure with CM as this is more precise and easier to use for this then our systems of inches and fractions.

Step 1: Take said measuring device and place against the wall. We want to make sure there is no trim such as quarter round or anything like that. Clean 90 deg wall to floor. 


Step 2: Place your heel against the wall, standing with your foot over measuring device. 


Step 3: Take note of the length to the end of your longest toe, and then add 5mm. That is the length you will use for the size chart. Our opinion, measuring in CM is easier for this and more precise.


From the tip of your longest toe, add 5mm. You want this to be the room left from your toes to the end of the shoe.This is the number you will use to reference with the shoe chart to get your size. ( I would be at 28.7 CM, which I would be closest to size 10.5, which is 28.5 CM on the size scale.)


Another alternative to the steps above, you can also trace your foot on a sheet of paper, keeping the pen tip close to the foot, and then measure the points from heel to the tip of the longest toe, then add 5mm. Then refer to the size chart to match up your size.


Woman's size to mens size conversion:

 To convert a ladies shoe size to mens, you would subject 1 from your size. Example, a ladies 11.5 would be a mens 10.5  

 Remember, if you have any questions, measure your foot in CM, and reach out to us and we can get you sized up. 


Size Chart