SCg Sound Shoe:
SCg Mid Leather shoe:
SCg for MTB:
Steven Caro, Owner/Operator/Rider
email: Steven.Caro@SCgShoeCo.com
Phone: 813.334.6454
Andrew Burke, MTB development
email: Andrew.Burke@SCgShoeCo.com
Phone: 650.868.9655
About SCg Shoe Co.
Prompted by his skate shoes continually falling apart, cycling expert Steven Caro created the first rider-owned shoe company in BMX, established in 1999. By 2002, team rider Bruce Crisman won X-Games gold wearing SCg shoes. More shoe models and riders were added to the roster, and emphasis continued to be placed on keeping the company "100% rider owned and operated". In 2008 manufacturing moved from Asia to Colombia, SA, leading to better quality control and the eventual growth in sales. Shoes are available direct from the website: https://www.SCgShoeCo.com , at select bike shops, and online retailers.