SCg Shoe Co. has developed the ultimate shoe to withstand the harsh demands of flat pedal BMX, MTB, and skating - the 'Sound'. The shoe boasts a sleek and stylish design with impressive features that are both functional and protective. The cut is just right, offering both freedom of movement and ankle protection.


The Sound


The shoe comes in various build levels, with the standard flat pedal build suitable for BMX, Slopestyle, MTB, and skating while also being ideal for everyday wear. It offers in and out-step protection, impact-absorbing insoles, toe & heel protection, and a signature herringbone outsole. The MTB flat pedal build is designed for riders who require stiffer toe and heel protection, along with water-resistant treatment, making it the perfect shoe for any weather condition.

For riders who prefer clipless pedals, the Sound comes with a clipless version that offers all the great features of the MTB build, plus exceptional walkability. This makes it perfect for boring things like commuting to work, running errands, shredding the gnar, or simply hanging out with friends.