Pre-Orders & Limited Releases

We're a small company, and every time we open a preorder, it helps us make more shoes, and get things more refined. You guarentee you get the latest and greatest before everyone else, and whenever you preorder, you always get a little bonus!
It's like being part of an exclusive club. Now there is an even better benefit, everyone who enters in to a preorder has a chance to win a package that includes a backpack, a shirt, extra insoles and socks!

April Preorder List

There are no fools here, just rad shoes.

Brand New.
Casual. BMX. Skate. MTB.

Designed with comfort and durability in mind, the SlipOn is an ideal choice for everyday wear, skating, BMX, and flat pedals. This vegan shoe offers grab-and-go style, perfect for the park, dirt jumps, poolside or the town. 

The Sound.
Suede. Leather.
Canvas. Synthetic.
Flat Pedal.

The MTB Build has our highest level of toe & heel protection, water-resistant treatment and our defacto Foot & Ankle protection. Saving your foot from rocks, roots, trees - whatever you throw at your foot, we got it.

The Enduro.
Suede. Leather.
Lace Saver.

The Enduro is designed to be simple. Simplicity means fewer panels, which means fewer points of failure. It is our endurance shoe, built to last for countless rides, and keep your feet clean and protected for seasons, not a season.

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