The best flat-pedal shoes.

Durable, classic style and affordable. We combine a tough sole with clean lines, and more tech under the hood. We're rider-owned and we've been building shoes in small batches for over 15 years. This is our best product ever.



Keep your sole.

Our durable rubber outsole is both glued & stitched. An extra layer of rubber allows pins to sink in and grip, without having to use soft rubber that tears apart. So you can stop worrying about delamination, and leave the Gorilla Glue at home.  Cushioning tapers into just the right thickness at the pedals.



Style meets performance, at last.

Clean lines & dozens of features under the hood.
- A full internal protective toe-cap - Woven lastingboard (not cardboard or matted fiber) - Custom, impact-absorbing PU and gel insole
- Herringbone multi-directional grip pattern - Stretch-reducing fabric Micro vents on sides - All metal laces loops for durability - Ankle padding - Custom full-length EVA foam layer midsole - Fewer seams = less points of failure. 

Affordable price starting at only $69.95 USD



    + Real customer support, that only comes from a rider-owned company.









    $69.95 / $79.95 / $89.95 

    At only $69.95, the Sound model is a quality bike shoe that's affordable for everyone. There's no rich corporate parent company. Nobody telling us what to do. It's all in the name of getting proper shoes on riders feet.



    Fast forward.

    Better pedal feel than a chunky MTB shoe. Firmer than a floppy skate shoe. Just right. So lay the hammer down. Or just have fun. A unique combination of sole thickness, woven lastingboard, and insole give our shoes their great pedal feel.




    Take your pick.

    Choose a color in suede, grain leather, or canvas. Low-top or Mid-top. All models have our tried & true durable rubber sole, stitched all the way around. Ask about custom colorways.




    Sure footed.

     Our own blend of rubber has been given the holy grail of ratings: 400 NBS. This is the highest grade of rubber that allows a shoe to be flexible while still avoid cracking. While the herringbone "V" patten keeps pedal pins from moving, to create a more predictable grip. So go out and ride anything from trails (flowy or rooty), to your local dirt jumps and street ride. It's all fair game.



    Our first outsole, circa 1999.

    Mid 2000's lineup looking fly.

    Our current model, showing what experience creates.

    Rider owned.

    Rider-owned means we can be fast and independent. Feedback from riders can be incorporated in a matter of weeks, not months or years. So new updates are always in development. Custom colors & fabrics are a reality. Stay tuned for camo colorways, water-resistant options, and insole tech.




    Proudly hand-crafted in Colombia.

    Sold everywhere.