The Enduro is based on the same concept as our signature SCg shoe, the Sound. The cut is not quite LoPro and not quite MID. It strikes a balance of ankle protection and freedom of movement. This allows quick movements to disengage your cleats from your pedals, and climb up & over things on a hike a bike with greater ease.

SCg Shoe Co. - Enduro Clipless Turquoise

The Enduro features a water-resistant treatment, plus a tongue designed to keep water, mud, and debris at bay. Topped with a lace saver, you get added protection from impacts, water, dirt, and debris. The instep and outstep have built-in impact protection, along with our MTB Toe and Heel Protection. Our toe protection extends OVER your toes, actively protecting them from rocks and roots - not just stubbing your toe.

Underneath your foot are impact-absorbing insoles, designed to cushion your hard hits and landings while keeping your shoes plush all day long. Our custom-designed mid-shank offers a blend of walkability and power transfer. Our stronger center rib resists cracking in a common area, adding that stiffness to put the power down. We manufacture our own mid-shank and cleat nut - so they blend perfectly with our shoe's construction. Our signature herringbone outsole wraps the bottom of the Enduro, offering that extra grip on platform-style clip pedals - designed with single-sided pedals in mind, unclip and flip - you’ll feel like you’re on your flats!