Just the right amount
of everything.

Our shoes work as a system, with no one part being more or less than the others. We don't rely on a single element, all the elments work together.
No Single Rubber, No Single Construction Material, No Single Feature Makes our Shoe What it is. No Gimmicks Here.

The SCg Outsole

When it comes to flat pedals (and platform style clipless pedals) the whole world wants to know what magic makes it grip.
Everything in a riding shoe starts out with the outsole. We do something that most don't - we actually are glue and stitch all the way around the outsole. This adds strength in the construction, virtually eliminating outsole delamination. 

We construct our outsoles a bit differently then most shoes on the market. We use more rubber under the foot, to control how stiff the shoe feels, to build in rigidity, and to add longevity. The added benefits of this design let you, if you so desire, to shave off all of the tread on the sole, and you would still have 5mm of rubber for your pedal pins to bite in to. This design prevents pedal pin punctures that create holes or tears, leading to delamination, no grip, leading to a a much longer useable life. 

The outsole is a 400 NBS Rubber, with our signature Herringbone design.  

The Insides.
The Midsole.
The Lasting Board.

Inside of our outsoles, we have a custom EVA Midsole. It keeps the shoes light, responsive, and provides cushioning & energy absorption upon impacts. While riding it helps suck up the bumps and big hits & while walking it keeps your shoes comfortable, like actual shoes. The biggest benefit - pedal feel. You're able to feel where your foot is on the pedal, without the fear of flimsy shoes.

Our lasting boards are a water resistant woven material, not cardboard. It makes a significant difference, and is part of our system to dial in the feel we want for the shoes, as well as offering more durability with regard to getting wet from water and moisture from your feet.

The Outsides.
The Uppers.

Our uppers are designed to allow the shoe to move naturally with your feet, and flex as your feet should. We don't use artificial stiffness to transfer power or to prevent the shoe from flexing over the pedal. 

Instead, the whole design of the upper reduces flex, allowing you to actually FEEL the pedal and where your foot is.

They are designed to be supportive and grippy on the pedals, but are comfortable enough to just walk around in.

Built-In Protection

We stick to no gimmicks. No glued on space boot "protection". Actual impact resistance, not style resistance.


Every shoe has toe protection built in. And not just the front of your toes, over the top too.


Every shoe has heel protection. A prtective and supportive cup, along with protective foam.


The crank arm side is a given, but every shoe also has the EVA protection on the outside of your foot. Safety from rock strikes, curbs, trees and roots.


Even the tongue has a built in layer of EVA protection.

Shoe Construction.

Our construction is specifically built around making a quality shoe first. 

The outsoles, being glued and stitched all the way around. All structural stitching is double stitched.  Not the typical single stitch and adhesives.

Again, our goal is not to save a few cents here, there, and everywhere, but to make a quality shoe, time and time again. 

Our goal is to always improve, on everything. Fit, finish, quality, construction, materials, and design are improved with every iteration.

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