Zack Gerber, Icepick out of a mellow wedge. Tampa FL. 
Photo: Matt Coplon
SCg Shoe Co is the first BMX rider owned shoe company. We've been rider owned since day one, and thats how we'll stay. While other's have come and gone, we are still here and supporting BMX. BMX is where we started, and while we will continue to grow and get into MTB's and other segments/ action sports, BMX will always be our roots, and a major part of what we are and what we do.
We're constantly trying to improve upon everything we do. Be it making shoes, new designs, adding inventory, and constantly trying to make our website and online store better. We'll be working more and more on the dedicated BMX page here and try to always give you guys some insight into what makes us who we are, and to show you more about our team riders with literally who they are, what makes them tick, and more riding photos and clips.
Thank You for your support!