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Its friday night, about 8pm and i'm working on the website and online store listening to Hatebreed. Loud enough that i'm sure my neighbors know I love this band.. hahaha..  Our model, Sound, will be available in Butterscotch,Black, and Forest Green in about three weeks. These are the best shoes we have put out to date. Materials, design, and how comfortable they are. Stoked. We are taking Pre-Orders to make sure this first batch gets out to all of you that want them. Several other products are in the process of getting finishes, or revision's made such as our Mid shoe model, some of the SCgirl Sound color ways, jeans, and printing more shirts. We'll be making socks as well in the very near future. 

Thank you for your interest, and your support... 




SCg Shoe Co. Est.1999

The First Rider Owned Shoe Company...


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