Proudly hand crafted in Colombia South America, our shoes are made of the finest materials we can source. With suede's and leathers from Argentina, Spain, and Colombia, we hand pick all of them for each batch made, as well as hand cut all of our pieces for our shoes.

Our adhesives from Spain and Germany are of the highest quality. This coupled with double stitching through out the shoe keeps our shoes together and eliminates delamination's. EVA midsoles are made from EVA foam imported from Spain and Germany. Our outsoles are made entirely in Colombia with synthetic and natural gum rubber for durability, flexability, abrasion resistance, grip and are also stitched along their entirety so they can't come apart. Our small parts such as lasting boards, heel and toe counters, metal eyelets, and laces come from Spain, Germany, and Colombia. The sum of our parts makes the whole, encompassing smart design, comfort, function, and above all else, quality.