Your Shoe, Your Choice.

At SCg we offer every model of our shoes in a clipless option. From a stylish commuter casual shoe in the LoPro, or the full on waterproof Enduro.



Built The Same

Our clipless mountain bike & commuter/road cycling shoes are based on the same platform as our flat pedal shoe. The same stitched lasting board, the same fully stitched outsole & panels and the same outsole, but with the added benefit of stiffness and power transfer.

Sound Clipless

Inside and Out


The Enduro features waterproofing and an impact absorbing insole just like our other flat pedal shoes, offering the same mix of impact absorption and all day comfort. The outsole, rated at 400NBS with our signature herringbone "V" pattern offers the same exceptional grip, giving it walkability on the trail.

Enduro Tongue Detail 

Enduro in the Funn Ripper


Ride With Function and Style


Not only can you ride in clipped in with a shoe that looks like a shoe; it functions like a shoe. You can hike up the trail, walk in to the the coffee shop or head in to the office.