MTB product marketing. Andrew has been part of the SCg family from way back in it's early days. 

Andrew is a rider who's driven to improve the greater bike community. Born and raised in Northern California, his surroundings always fostered adventure. He's lobbied to build trails & bikeparks, shot photos for major bike companies, and helped found new programs at world-renowned Woodward Camp. In digital media, he's worked for years in filmmaking and marketing, with projects now having over 50 Million views on YouTube. Along the way, Andrew has won best trick competitions in BMX, and podiumed in Cat 1 MTB races. And he always rips a wheelie for kids waiting at the bus stop. 


Andrew is helping more MTB riders discover how good SCg Shoes really are, through actively pursuing MTB Events, supporting Riders, and thinking up the best Product and Media Partnerships (on a budget, wait, no budget!). He also does a bit of his own R&D, by always hacking into his own shoes and trying new things.


Glad to have you working with us brother!  





Mountain wallride. 2007.

Reppin SCg in 2005, boostin some tuck fakies!


 X-Games, Los Angeles. 2003.